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What is it?


A verrucae is a virus known as the human papilloma virus or the common wart.  A wart can appear anywhere but when it’s on the sole of the foot is tends to be fattened with hard skin often present.


What are the symptoms?


Verrucae can be painful or painless normally dependent on the area of the foot they are situated.  If it’s on a area of high pressure then it might get painful and you may see a build of callous.


What can you do at home?


Visit your chemist for advise on topical preparations to treat the verrucae such as salicylic acid.  You may be able to self treat successfully.


When to seek help?


If you see no improvements make or see any signs of infection make an appointment with the appropriate medical practitioner in your area.


How is it treated?


See a podiatrist to get a diagnosis.


There are lots of products available and there is no treatment that consistently works. Based on your general health, activity and preferences there are a range of treatments the podiatrist can offer.

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