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The Foot Health Locker? Our Top 5!

Within this information page I will list my Top 5 for the “Foot Health Locker”.  There are lots of other things I could add such as dressings but rather than provide you with an exhaustive list I thought I would share my Top 5 for preventing troublesome foot conditions.

  1. Surgical spirit: is an astringent which basically means it can dry up moisture really well.  Dab on with a cotton bud between the toes to reduce moisture and that itchy sensation.  This is also a great way to reduce your risk of athlete’s foot between the toes.

  2. Antifungal preparations: there are lots of products to choose from but enquire with your podiatrist or local pharmacy to see what’s best for you.  We recommend a broad spectrum product which should act on most funguses.  It might be a talc for between the toes which you can also use on your socks and shoes.  Creams are also effective for skin infections too.  Remember athlete’s foot responds well to treatment but also can reoccur so even when it’s gone you can continue your regime less frequently.  There is a separate advice sheet for fungal nails if you need more information on this condition.

  3. Moisturise:  If you have dry skin and / or cracked heels due to this moisturising your feet is a great preventative measure.  Remember never between the toes and be careful not to overdo it as this increase in moisture can predispose you to athlete’s foot.

  4. Compeed: If you experience blisters in the same place frequently Compeed is a great help to prevent this.  Some people also use Compeed over areas where they get recurrent corns and callouses.  These are a great addition to The Foot Health Locker especially during increased activity.

  5. Nail File: Great for ragged edges or thickened nails.  Use a separate file for fungal nails to prevent contamination of healthy nails.

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