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Should corns influence your choice of footwear?

Should corns influence your choice of footwear?

In short yes, but that not a good enough answer so let’s explore why...

Firstly, ask yourself which shoes cause you to have painful feet. Shoes come in different shapes and sizes, some have larger toe boxes, or are wider that can offer some extra comfort by minimising the amount your foot rubs against the shoe.

It’s not that you can’t wear fancy shoes it more about making an informed choice and knowing the consequences of ill fitting shoes.

What is a corn?

A corn is a lesion caused by a mixture of pressure and friction.

What are the main causes?

Corns are generally caused by friction when the offending part of the foot rubs against footwear during activity.  But there is more to it than that...

What predisposes you to corns?

Foot deformities are the most common cause that relate to increased pressure and friction to specific areas of the foot such as:

  • a hammer toe
  • prominent metatarsal head
  • hallux abducto valgus

What should i do?

Go and see a Health and Care Professions Council  registered podiatrist.  Corns can easily be removed and it’s normally a painless procedure.

What if they keep coming back?

Corns often do as they are caused by pressure and friction during walking but there are some things that you can do yourself!

Tops tips are!

  • Footwear: Depending on where your corn is you can purchase appropriate to help reduce the pressure (link to footwear)
  • Insoles: There are lots of different insoles that can provide pressure relief and alter how you walk to help alleviate the pain caused by corns.  Speak to your podiatrist to make sure you purchase the right insole!
  • Toe protectors and spacers: such as gel pads or compeed can reduce pressure between the shoe and the foot. Here is some useful products that can help:

Please don’t!

Purchase corn pads: these are normally filled with salicylic acid and can cause breakdown of health skin.  If you have impaired circulation or diabetes this can lead to tissue breakdown and ulceration.  Please avoid corn pads! 


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