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Quick Guide for Running Shoes

Get the right running shoe for you!

With many different brands and models of running shoes it can be increasingly difficult to know which is the best running shoe for you.  Below is our quick guide which highlights the difference between minimalist and maximalist running shoes.

At Podiatry Shetland we are very aware that one size does not fit all and prior to selecting your running shoe there are a number of considerations you should make.

  • Your own personal goals
  • Medical History
  • Gait style
  • Foot Posture
  • Running shoe features

We offer a session with runners which go through all these key points.


Minimalist or Maximalist Our Quick Guide


Minimalist  Maximalist 
  • Weight: Lighter
  •  Weight: Heavier
  • Sole width: Less           
  •  Sole width: Greater        
  • Zero Drop (No difference in sole thickness)   
  • 12mm Drop (sole is thicker at the heel)    
  •  No Motion Control Features
  •  Motion Control Features (may include dual density sole, rigid heel counter, arch support etc
  • Increased Flexibility (this includes heel to toe and twisting the shoe)
  • Less Flexible

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