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Cracked Heels


What is it?


This occurs when the skin round the heel splits.


What are the symptoms?


Where the skin splits can be very painful and you can be predisposed to picking up localised infection due to the environment the foot is in.


What causes it?


Cracked heels are normally caused by dryness or low skin moisture content, although they can be a symptom of skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.


What can you do at home?


Rub E-45 or Vaseline on your heels once or twice a week.  This is a great preventative measure.


Ask your local pharmacist for advice on an appropriate dressing which will increase the moisture content of the skin locally.


When to seek help?


If you see no improvements or see any signs of infection make an appointment with the appropriate medical practitioner in your area.  This could be a podiatrist, nurse or Nurse Practitioner.


How is it treated?


Hard skin will be reduced and if appropriate topical agents and dressings will be applied such as Vaseline or E-45.



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